Monday, October 3, 2016

Ancora Portugal Another Great Town on the Costa

 Found some nice walking trails 

Forts all up the coast.

It was bushwhacking right off the bat this morning as we decided to forego the yellow arrows and stick to the Atlantic.  We find we can walk parallel to the waymarked Camino and not get lost. ...or too lost.  We saw a handful of pilgrims walking north like we were on the N3. We wanted to go left to the ocean. They started yelling at us like we were lost. Everyone tries to keep us going on the arrows but it's not as scenic sometimes. We ended up on some beautiful forested walking trails with ocean right next to us. Reminded me of some places in California only wilder, less discovered and with more ancient forts.

We ended up on a really dicey part of the N3 coming into Ancora after a 12 mile day. I resorted to using GPS and thought we were the only sorry saps in that situation but we ran into our Canadian pals, Bill and Gina. They were a bloody mess.  Literally.  They had gotten caught up bushwhacking same as us but ended up on the wrong side of a nasty brier patch. They had also run out of water. They were in a bad spot. We were staying in the same town and at the grocery, we left them and wished them better luck tomorrow.

We overshot the hotel by a half mile.  Damn. That's another mile walked.  Finally figured it out.  What a great place!  Hotel Meira. 4 star luxury for 60€. Pilgrim special 4 course meal on offer for 15€. John ate pulvo. Octopus. He has been eating things I never thought I'd  see him eat, like an entire sandwich smothered in mayo. Which he hates. And the canned tuna on a salad. Strange what walking 15 miles a day will make you eat.

Anyway nice celebratory dinner for our last night in Portugal 'on the Camino '. We'll look forward to coming back.  I'm looking forward to speaking Spanish finally.   Just have not gotten the swing of Portuguese! Bom noite!

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