Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Almost Didn't Stop Oia, Spain


View from our room in Oia, Espana
                   For Kayla and Tanner , thought this was cool.
My happy hour spot. Abarino vino! 1.50€ Hard not to have more than one. So I did.

Our view of the Monastery.  Heard incredible vespers chanted by the nuns before mass here.
After some spectacular but oddly really tiring walking today,  my shoulders were killing me, we made it to Oia. Another lovely seaside town that just seemed dead. Surely there were no more pilgrims on the Camino since we seemed to be the only ones.  Until we left our hotel to get a glass of wine.  Then we met 40 something Italian Eric who was currently living in Budapest.  We let him order extra tapas.  So glad to be back in Spain where you get some kind of snack with your drink.  We had a bruchetta with Jamon (ham) Serrano style with sardines.  Yes, John ate them! Wonders are still not ceasing. Anyway we convinced Eric to stay at our hotel since his knees were hurting.  Probably won't see him after today since he is walking big kilometers....hence the knee problems I guess. Lots more pilgrims moved through later in the afternoon and we had the best seats in the house for happy hour overlooking the gorgeous bay and the ancient Monastery. Ventured into this impressive space later and heard the nuns singing vespers. So beautiful and meditative.
Dinner del Dia (of the day) with Eric at our hotel for $10 euro each. Usually 3 courses with wine. Soup, salad. Beautiful fresh cod for me which was like a whole fish chopped into three pieces with boiled potatoes and John got two huge pork chops with chips (fries). I couldn't finish all of my cod, so John did and thought it was some of the freshest and best fish he had ever tasted. Jug of wine,  ice cream and the yellow Spanish liquor that I can't remember the name of but was delicious. Slept with windows open facing the crashing ocean and black starry night.  Indescribable. 

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