Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On Our Way to Muxia and Other Musings

Missing our fall back home but there are some beautiful fall sights here too!  
Loved these two Shepards guarding their castle. Thought of our friend Tank.
A story I had,  in my pilgrim weary brain,  forgotten to relay from the day we walked from Padron into Santiago.  We were in the throng of other hikers when we saw a church that was mentioned in the guidebook as a place we should stop.  It was a good time for a break anyway.  We walked into the typical cavernous space and there was a man right inside who started saying something to us in Spanish which we didn't understand obviously I guess because he then began pounding his fist into the palm of his hand.  I could see John reach up to his head to make sure he had removed his hat since he had already been chastised for this in another church before. No, it wasn't that. He was suddenly spun into an odd game of charades with the Spaniard.  John said later that things were crossing his mind as the man kept slamming his fist down into his hand over and over, in that moment he was like "sounds like... (I've obviously committed some transgression) you want to punch me!!!' No? okay,  bludgeon me! Yeah that's it! No? Okay....stab me!" Being ever the humble pilgrim thinking he was somehow at fault. Turns out he just wanted to stamp our passports. "Oh! Sellos! Si si!" That we understand!! Hopefully next time he might communicate with much less vigor. We love how demonstrative the Spaniards tend to be.  Just not what John thought.  Hahaha

It was hard leaving the peaceful three night sanctuary of our apartmento in Santiago in the misty rainy Galician morning. Lots more pilgrims on the path than we have seen since this thing began. I was excited to stay in the same hostel tonight that we found three years ago in a pouring deluge of rain where they dried our boots and put up with my manhandling the washing machine. They had very comfy accommodations.  We found it! For some odd reason, it didn't seem to take as long to get here as it did last time. They have added more choices for a bed than 3 years ago. Seemed also like we arrived much stronger this time  than last time but obviously the weather was better now.  And the guy checking us in wasn't the most friendly. So much for the differences.

Rested up, we ventured down to dinner and met Americans Liz and Jim who've been everywhere and done everything! They were just having soup so wanting the meal deal of the day,  we made our way into the dining room where we talked to the lady who runs the place and who we remember so fondly from before.  Delicious food just like we remember.  Caldo Galego soup for me which is served in a big serving bowl big enough for two people to have two servings.  We polished it. John had spaghetti with meat sauce as his first course.  As good as he remembered.  Then, of course,  chicken for John and I had carne asado which was like a pot roast. The ever present bread and of course dessert.  Oh yeah!  A bottle of wine too. All for 10€ each.  We could see grandmother cooking away in the kitchen.  Everything wonderful and comforting and filling.   Even though we are eating lots, either our pants need a really hot dryer or we are both dropping weight.  Who knows?

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