Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Onward To Armenteira

Taking a break in the bus stop.

                                  Beautiful Vistas!
 Says we have 5k to Armenteira,  we were sure it was way more than that.
 Finally made it to the alburgue.
 Cafe O Comercio. Typical vino Tinto de la casa.
Dinner was filling and needed.  Pork, chicken,  fries and salad with a fried egg! Plates were cleaned!

We had a really great day of walking.  We could take our time and stop to see local petroglyphs. Got in fairly early to the small town of Armenteira.  After a beer at the bar, we walked to the alburgue which we thought was the only choice for accommodation in the town.  We got there and it looked deserted.  The door was unlocked and there was a note on the table that the hospitelero would be back,  so we made ourselves at home.  We picked the room with a door and the showers and private toilet.  There was mattress and pillow covers which we availed ourselves of. The hospitelero showed up, took our info, gave us a stamp and took our 6 euro each for the beds. Then she left again.  It was very nice with coffee maker micro, everything you need for a very basic night.  We were glad to have that much since the skies opened up and began to pour.  You've never seen rain until you've been to Galicia Spain.  I'm not kidding about this.  Talk about torrential downpours.

Another pilgrim,  Jost from Amsterdam came through the door, dripping in the doorway.  He proceeded to tell us his "story ", of how he is doing the Camino with no money and all the times people gave him what he needed.  The last was a poor Spanish person who gave him 20€ so he could escape the rain, stay at the alburgue and buy some food.  Otherwise he has been sleeping in the fields. The hospitelero returned to collect his 6€ and we could hear him telling her his "story ". Wonder if she comped him the 6€. John says not.

We made 7:00 vespers at the Monastery where the nuns live and care for this place as opposed to monks. What a beautiful singing and meditation.

We left to go back to the bar who were offering a pilgrim dinner for 7£. We pigged out.  I didn't realize how hungry I was. We ordered the house red wine and it was a homemade red served in bowls. Very interesting, very grapey, dense wine. My tongue might even have been purple.

Decided to stop at the only other bar across the street and have one more glass of wine instead of sitting in the alburgue.  Met George and Tina from Cologne Germany also walking.  We discovered from them that we could have stayed in the Monastery for  £25 each,  breakfast included.  They said it was very nice.  Although they had to be inside by 10 or be locked out.  I hope they made it.  We also sat there with Jost who we gave our tapas to, since we were stuffed from dinner, which were made up of some kind of pig innards.  You never know what you're going to get. Jost seemed to like them.

Walked in the pouring rain back to the alburgue and said hello to the two other peregrinos who had shown up, two women from Portugal. Bom noite!   G'night! Tomorrow we have 25 k to Villanova de Arousa.  Almost done. I can do this.

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