Friday, October 7, 2016

Oia to Baiona Mileage Alot

Met the Canadians from Ontario,  Gina and Bill at breakfast at the hotel.  We've been shadowing each other the last few days and didn't cross paths until now.  We decided to walk together today. Really nice walking along the beautiful, wild and crashing coast line.  The coolest thing that happened was when we decided to stop for lunch in a rest stop on the side of the highway that had a picnic table.  As we were having our sandwiches and fruit made from the earlier breakfast offerings,  a blonde kid on a small motorcycle with a pack on his back pulled up and sauntered over and asked with a big smile if he could join us for lunch.  Of course!  "My name is Bart, as in Simpson ". Huge smile,  looking around and searching our faces for some recognition.  Of course!  Nice to meet you Bart as in Simpson! Turns out this kid (had to be early mid twenties ) had bought a little 50cc motor bike in Porto and was driving it back via the Camino to his home outside of Amsterdam Holland! Noticing he didn't get anything out to eat,  we started unloading fruit on him for which he was very grateful.  He offered to share bread but we declined. We've eaten enough.  He said his bike had some trouble struggling up hills but when he turned out the headlights,  he got a power boost! He told us that after he bought it,  some mechanics checked it out for him and made sure it was road worthy for about 8€ for the service! The Camino is providing for him too. We took photos and bid each other goodbye and good luck. What a bright shining light he was for us! What an inspiring example to live a life fearlessly! I said a prayer for his safety on his way home as he puttered away and out onto the busy highway waving as he went. I'm sure he has a family that loves him.  Made me homesick for my own kids.

Got to the town of Baiona and dropped Bill and Gina off at their fully booked hotel with the promise of meeting up after showers for a look around and a drink and a bite.  We found a great little one star hotel around the corner on a quiet street.

We toured the stunning castle grounds here and walked the ramparts as the sun was setting and painting the sky absolutely brilliant hues of orange and red. So romantic.  The replica of the Pinta, the ship that Columbus sailed to the new world was docked in the picturesque marina there.  I didn't feel compelled to go see it since I had toured it extensively in Carabelle Florida with my parents!  Who would have known! Dinner of omelets  (a kind of potato fritata) and salad and vino then off to bed.

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