Saturday, October 1, 2016

Stroll to Apulia A Great Little Beach Town

 Another beautiful cathedral along the way. It was dedicated to the way. There was a man there who we saw multiple times after that,  smiling at us and pointing out the arrows to us.
 Windmill houses.  People actually live in some of these ancient structures.
 Board walking with windmill.
 Apulia.  Such a sleepy beach town that time seems to have left behind.
Short 11.9 mile walk today.  If the place we are staying doesn't have breakfast,  we usually find a café and stop for a café com leite. Coffee with milk and whatever kind of goodies they have on offer.  We like the grilled ham and cheese panini  type toasted sandwich and some kind of amazing pastry. Breakfast here consists of bread. Oh, and butter and jelly and if you're lucky ham or some kind of lunch meat and cheese.  Possibly yogurt.  Good fruit usually.  Some canned. There is usually corn flakes and everyone has some kind of disgusting  (to me) chocolate cereal. The coffee!  Is the best!!!!!! If we have breakfast included wherever we are staying,  we try to make the day's lunch snack out of it. It feels a little covert stuffing bread in our bag when nobody is looking. I'm sure they are used to it.

After having a more expensive than usual café breakfast in a neighborhood full of high school kids heading for school, we started down the foggy ocean boardwalk in the cool morning air.  We met up with Canadians Bill and Gina from Ontario. Bill is on his 3rd Camino doing this route again with his wife for her first one.  They started in Porto. Gina had major surgery on her lower leg due to cancer 17 years ago. She is an inspiration.  We walked with them all the way to our stop. They will go on to Viana do Castelo tomorrow from a town about 3.7K on further.

It was nice getting to our hotel around lunch time.  Had the menu do Dia at the attached restaurant which was steak  (kinda chewy but good ) mushrooms and rice and salad.  Lots of rest before taking a bottle of wine out to the beach for a beautiful sunset.

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