Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rali Hotel Rocks It Off Day in Viana do Castelo

After the long walk yesterday,  it was nice to spend a rest day in this lovely town. The breakfast at the hotel was nice and the commercial Koerig type coffee maker was amazing.  It made my café com leite perfectly.  The receptionist and one of the restaurant guys has become like family,  always glad to see us when we come back from touring and even telling us we needed jackets before heading out to dinner.

Wandered around town before resting up for dinner which doesn't really seems to crank up until around 8:30. Before hand John thought the Jacuzzi sounded good.  That is until he forgot to get a towel,  shower cap and rinse off in the shower before he entered the pool.  All eyes were upon him. One guy even got out to turn on the shower as if to show him what he had missed!  Oh well,  time to start living our dirty pilgrim heathen heritage.

Dinner was a tomato salad,  soup and frango (chicken that I ordered this time ) with rice and mushrooms.  John got the biggest "personal pitcher" dark German beer ever that ended up costing as much as my dinner.  Interesting.

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